Brut Champagne

Champagne brut by Lenique
The balance between white and black grapes is reflected in the tasting. Two years of aging in the cellar allow the aromas to develop fully to reveal the style of our house. This brut champagne is pleasant in taste. It is user-friendly and therefore appeals to as many people as possible. This brut champagne is ideal for a wedding or a large reception.
Champagne is first and foremost a matter of taste.
So to make everyone agree, choose a unifying wine like the Cuvée "Les 3 Cépages brut". Guaranteed effect!

Our Brut : a friendly champagne brut by Lenique

Our Brut is the result of the precise blend of three Champagne grape varieties: Chardonnay, chosen for its floral bouquet and elegance, Pinot Noir, which brings finesse and structure, and Meunier, for its fruit and roundness.
It adapts perfectly to any occasion and to many different dishes. Its sugar content is always less than 12 grams of sugar per liter. It is therefore part of moderately sweet champagnes. He who is suitable for any event and who knows how to do it for any occasion.
In conclusion, it is a pleasant champagne for everyone and therefore user-friendly.

Champagne le 3 cépages en détail

Our Brut champagne: the signature of our house champagne

Strange as it may seem at first glance, two of the three grape varieties, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, which constitute our brut without year, are made from black grapes. This color is in the skin and not in the pulp of the fruit. Immediately after pressing these grapes and gently, the juice extracted is white. Our art as a winegrower is to find the right blend in order to express our style.
For this reason our brut champagne is the signature of our champagne house.

Reviews of our brut champagne by Gault et Millau

"The foam, ivory white, is beautiful, regular and abundant. The nose offers, upon opening, a clever blend of fruitiness and smoothness. On the palate, a delicate bubble bursts under the tongue. The creamy length is scented. of kumquat and yellow peach. A perfect wine for tandoori food. "


Trimming of the vines with Champagne Lenique

Loading of the Champagne Lenique press

Bottling with Champagne Lenique

Alcoholic fermentation in Champagne Lenique vats

Disgorging with Champagne Lenique : dosage coorking muzzling

Présentation du Champagne Lenique Michel par un passionné

Champagne Lenique

Above all respectful of the environment and traditions but also resolutely turned towards the future, Alexandre now produces Champagne wines steeped in history. Champagne LENIQUE, a Champagne House near Epernay, represents the emblem of Champagne know-how.
Winegrower and champagne producer Alexandre welcomes you there to help you discover his history but also the different wines produced.

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