Tour the cellars

Tour the cellars: Come enjoy a unique champagne experience at the Michel Lenique estate

Whether you’re a novice, sightseer, informed amateur or true champagne lover from anywhere in the world… Stop over at the Michel Lenique estate, just a few minutes from Épernay, to discover how marvellous champagne can be.

Your experience includes an atypical educational tour guided by the master of the House in person, Alexandre Lenique. This artisanal wine-grower love to cultivate the art of entertaining.

You’ll step into the vaulted cellars, built in the 19th century, to discover the secrets behind the preparation of Michel Lenique champagnes. You'll discover the manual turning of Grand Cru champagne bottles, the removal of sediments and the vat room. Alexandre Lenique takes the time to reveal his profession to you.

The experience continues with a guided tasting of various champagnes from the House range. These appealingly fruity champagnes reveal their full, rich, intense flavours to you.

And because you are unique, we strive to offer you a personalised eno-tourism experience.

Champagne Lenqique