What champagne to choose for a wedding,
communion or christening?

Michel Lenique champagnes accompany each great event cheerfully and simply. Whether for a wedding, a birthday, a christening or a communion, here are a few recommendations.

For a wedding reception, choose a very refreshing, balanced champagne that is sure to please all your guests. Our “Les 3 Cépages” and “Blanc de Réserve” are ideal.

Champagne is a gourmet wine that you may serve throughout a meal. If you’d like to give it a try, prefer a champagne with a more distinctive flavour profile, such as our “Millésime” or our “Noir de Réserve”.

When it’s time for dessert, finish with a luscious note by opting for our “Extra-Dry” vintage.

Champagne is, above all, about taste.
So if you’d like everyone to agree, choose a wine that’s easy to appreciate, such as “Les 3 Cépages”. You’re sure to thrill!


Champagne: how much should you serve each guest?

Michel Lenique champagne is there for all of life’s greatest moments. At every step, Alexandre Lenique guides you in your selection of vintages and quantities. Here are some expert recommendations

  • A 75cl bottle of champagne enables serves an average of six flutes or glasses of champagne.
  • For a wedding reception or full meal accompanied by champagne, count one bottle for three guests.
  • For dessert, one bottle will suffice for seven guests.

However much you serve, if you have any remaining champagne (lucky you!), remember that you can store it in your cellar in a horizontal position, and enjoy it within the year.

For any further information, the Michel Lenique champagne personnel is available, feel free to enquire!

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