Our Expertise

The art of expertise

From the bunch to the bottle, from the harvest to bottling, all the wines of the Lenique House are prepared on the estate. The family wine cellar houses an impressive host of equipment, including a 4,000 kg europress, massive settling vats, and one steel fermentation vat for each village. Its miles-long, centuries-old ageing cellars effuse a very special kind of energy which will thrill you and fill you with wonder. Once again, here where Time and Wine hold a silent conversation, it is easy to imagine the presence of the men who worked here generation after generation, performing the same tasks, murmuring the family secrets of champagne…

« Luxury is certainly this: a sincerity in applying exacting craftsmanship, and a sense of beauty, goodness and sharing » - Alexandre Lenique

Alexandre Lenique
Alexandre Lenique