Wine estate

Our vineyards

Taste & flavour above all

Located at the very heart of the Vallée de la Marne at the edge of the southern slopes of Épernay, in a rolling landscape of hills and valleys, this vineyard stretches 6.5 hectares / 16 acres through the villages of Épernay, Mardeuil, Vauciennes, Vincelles and Verneuil. On these northerly-exposed terroirs, where they are protected from the setting sun, the grapes are left to take their time and ripen more slowly, to produce more full-bodied wines.

Flavour and taste guide every action that Alexandre takes. The wine-grower must be attentive to each variety, each vineyard and each terroir in order for that special alchemy to occur once the clear wines are blended. The Pinots Noirs of Vauciennes provide structure, the Meuniers of Vincelles bring a fruity aspect, and the Chardonnays of Épernay round out the blend with a refreshing touch. Every detail counts, since each one plays its part in a collective symphony.

« A flavourful champagne with a full-bodied taste instantly sweeps you away. It’s like the Madeleine of Proust, a taste from another time: it grabs your attention, evokes fond memories » - Alexandre Lenique

Close to Nature

The vineyards are grown with a sustainable approach. It is a full-time commitment to protect the environment, the rich soil composition, and biodiversity. Each of our ecological actions is aimed at protecting the fauna and flora of the area. The vineyards of Vincelles, for example, feature alternating grassy paths, and the vines are pruned several times during the season to aerate the vines as much as possible, limit the appearance of disease, and ensure optimal sun exposition. All the decisions are made with quality in mind.

« The greatest challenge that I face as a wine-grower is to learn to let go. To accept, and work with – not against – the ups and downs of Time and the fits of Mother Nature » - Alexandre Lenique


A head start

The ecological commitment of the Lenique House extends to its choice of using basic kraft cardboard boxes to pack the wines. These natural packing materials have a lovely finish that flatters French craftsmanship with panache, and the Lenique House is proud to defend such values.