Champagne house importer

Champagne house importer

Champagne house importer :
Champagne Michel LENIQUE is an exporter of champagne. The LENIQUE champagne house: we are a producer of champagne near Epernay in Pierry. Champagne importer import export.
We are as close as possible to the environment and ecology. The Lenique's vineyard is in and around Epernay. Our beautiful labels are worked with mixtures of materials. Our fermentions are slow in the but obtain the best champagne from Epernay.

Presentation of our Champagne house importer

Located near Epernay, Champagne LENIQUE is an emblematic house of Champagne know-how.
Winemaker and producer, Alexandre Lenique, who embodies the 4th generation, welcomes you to Pierry to help you discover its history, its philosophy and its fine wines with delicate aromas.

Above all respectful of the environment and traditions but also resolutely turned towards the future, Alexandre now produces Champagne wines steeped in history. They are also full of simplicity and generosity, which reflects in particular the particular taste of the terroir of the Marne Valley. In the winery and in the press, everything is done to develop one of the best champagnes of Epernay.
Go and meet this little artisan-winegrower, a master of the art of vinification, and thus live a unique experience in Champagne.

Today, thanks to his passion, Alexandre masters all stages of champagne making. From the grape to the bottle, everything passes between his hands and those of his team. One thing is certain: it is the shortest route between the winegrower and the customer. Thus, the marketing of its wine is a direct purchase from this champagne producer.
In addition, the labels of the bottles are worked with care and thus offer a nice mix of materials.

Precious nature : écology

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We also sell 2 exceptional champagnes

LE MILLESIME brut: powerful and floral aromas.
This cuvée characterizes the one-year harvest. The majority chardonnay (70%) expresses its finesse and brings good potential for longevity. Its aromas are full of charm and delicacy.

Extreme finesse and aromatic complexity characterize this great wine made from Chardonnay from vines classified as Grand Cru. According to some tasters "the palate is airy, with a structure close to lace".

We sell 3 differents blended champagnes. Champagne importer export distributor

THE 3 GRAPES brut: balanced champagne.
The balance between white grapes and black grapes is reflected in the tasting. This brut champagne is pleasant in taste. It appeals to the greatest number. It is ideal for a wedding or a large reception.

LE NOIRS DE RESERVE brut: fruity champagne
A mariage of fruit and power, roundness and suppleness, this champagne is made from 100% black grapes (blanc de noirs).

LE BLANCS DE RESERVE brut: champagne with fine citrus aromas.
This 100% chardonnay champagne (blanc de blancs) is aged for at least 3 years in our cellars. Its bouquet is of great richness and exquisite finesse. Its citrus aromas invigorate the palate.
We have a golden rule that bottles are paid for before they leave our premises.

Champagne importer export distributor
If you want to represent LENIQUE champagne in your country, you can contact us on We are at your disposal.

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Labeling of Brut Champagne: Winemaker Lenique

Trimming the vines with vine grower Lenique

Lenique Champagne press loading

Bottling with Champagne house Lenique

Alcoholic fermentation in vats with Champagne producer Lenique

Disgorging with Champagne Lenique: dosing corking and muzzling

Presentation of Champagne Lenique Michel by an enthusiast

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