A Story, a Family,
a Champagne House...

Champagne LENIQUE was founded in 1768 by Alexandre. He inherited his passion for wine from his father Nicolas, who was a grower and a contemporary of Frère Jean Oudart, the monk who is responsible for the development of Champagne wines in the village of Pierry.
In 1960, Michel decided to add his first name to the brand, and continued the tradition whilst being inspired by constantly evolving technologies. Today, his children Corinne and Alexandre preserve the expertise of the family House situated in Pierry, on the border of Epernay’s Southern hillsides.

Champagne Michel Lenique
Précédent suivant

Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier thrive on a 6 hectare vineyard, made up of plots scattered around Epernay (the capital of the Champagne region) and up to the Marne Valley.

In the cellars, the family is committed to extracting finesse from the grapes and to maximizing the aging of their Champagne range.
In 2000, Alexandre, who has a BTS (technician certificate) in viticulture and oenology, became his father’s successor and the producer of the family’s wines. He inherited the passion for winemaking from his ancestors and wishes to add his own touch to the family’s traditional savoir-faire. In order to develop his ideas successfully and obtain greater expertise, he has invested in cutting-edge technology, and above all, decided to let time do its work. He is committed to making every effort to emphasize the finesse of his grapes, be they white or black.

Champagne Lenique
Champagne Lenique

Precious Nature

Concerned with the respect of nature and the preservation of our soil for the future generations, we use a sustainable approach to viticulture so as to limit the use of pesticides in our vineyards : treatment is only carried out in extreme necessity, the partial grassing between the rows of vines allows limitation in the use of weed killer, whilst allowing the vine to flourish.