"An accurate expression of the terroir" Michel

Champagne Alexandre Lenique - Cuvee Les 3 Cépages

Les 3 Cépages 50% white grapes - 50% black grapes: balance

(Brut Sélection)

The balance between white grapes and black grapes is echoed through the tasting which reveals finesse and fruitiness. Two years aging in our cellars enable the aromas to express themselves fully and unveil our unique House style.

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Champagne Alexandre Lenique - Cuvée Extra Dry

Extra Dry

Higher dosage added to the Sélection Cuvee gives birth to a sweeter Champagne which nevertheless retains a nice balance between finesse and fruit.
This wine is the perfect companion to sweet, or sweet and sour dishes.

Champagne Alexandre Lenique - Noirs de Réserve

Noirs de Réserve 100% black grapes: fruity

(Blanc de noirs)

This Champagne is produced from 100% black grapes and combines fruitiness, roundness and suppleness with a full-bodied character. Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier equally contribute to creating a complex aromatic palette which enables this wine to be served throughout the meal.

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Champagne Alexandre Lenique - Blancs de Réserve

Blancs de Réserve 100% white grapes: finesse and citrus

(Blanc de blancs)

This 100% Chardonnay wine drawn from 40% reserve wines (2 or 3 years older) is aged for at least 3 years in our cellars.
Its very rich aromatic bouquet displays exquisite finesse. Its citrus aromas freshen the palate.

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Champagne Alexandre Lenique - Rosé

Rosé 70% white grapes – 30% black grapes: red fruit with a feminine touch

With its bright pink colour, this rosé Champagne is produced from 70% Chardonnay and 30% black grapes, including “home-made” red wine from Pinot Noir harvested on the “Morlantins” (a plot planted with old vines and situated in the Marne Valley).
A true delicacy: strawberry, redcurrant, brioche, spring flowers meet and harmonise.

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Champagne Alexandre Lenique - Brut  Millésime

Brut Millésime 70% white grapes – 30 % black grapes – maturity: flower aromas

This Cuvee is a selection from the 3 grape varieties growing on Epernay’s hillsides and features a single year’s harvest. Chardonnay is predominant (70%), expressing its finesse and promising lengthy aging potential.
This Champagne offers sheer charm and delicacy.

Champagne Alexandre Lenique - Rosé

Cuvée Brut Grand Cru

Top Range Cuvée 100% Chardonnay from Mesnil sur Oger. The Côte des Blancs grapes are used to produce the best Champagne wines.
Extreme finesse and aromatic complexity characterise this Grand Vin de Champagne, Chardonnay from vines classified Grand Cru. The mouth is airy, with a structure close to lace. It’s a declicious wine that reflects its evolution with aromas of hazelnut and candied citrus. Its light dosage is intended for an aperitif and at the beginning of a meal. A great Champagne Blanc de Blancs for an unforgettable moment.